Friday, June 30, 2006


January 2003

As expected, Maggie was already showered and in bed, when I got back to the hotel. I quickly joined her.

She was watching a movie, so rather than disturb her, I just held her, gently kissing her neck and shoulders. 'Lets make love' she said

'Actually, I want to talk to you, first. Wait until the film is finished'

So we waited, and then, some 30 minutes later I asked:

'So what do you want for your birthday? It was the following day.

I knew what she wanted already, and I'd decided before I left the UK that I would buy it for her. So the question was just a bit of play.

'What do you want to buy me?' she asked.
'Well, I have an idea, but I don’t want to say yet, I'd rather you told me what you want first'
'Honey, I want to hear you idea'
'I asked first'
'Yeah, and I asked second'

We reached stalemate.

'Ok' I said. 'You write down your idea, and I write down mine. Then we compare. Hopefully, we will make the same choice'

So I passed her a sheet of hotel note paper, and took a sheet for myself, which I tore into two pieces. On the first piece I wrote a joke present, on the second, the real present. I slipped the second piece of paper under the pillow.

'Are you ready?'
'Ok, honey'
'Right then' I said, 'on a count of three, we put our ideas here' I pointed to the centre of the bed.
I picked up her suggestion, and she picked up mine.

'Honey' she was laughing, 'I can't ride a bike'
'But it will be useful for getting to work'
I looked at her note, 'and there aren't any castles in Hong Kong' I added.

'You know what babe' I smiled, 'I have another note under the pillow'
'You know what honey' she smiled back, 'so do I'


Blogger theresa said...

Oh Steve, how you love to toy with me. You know how I love the sweet torture of anticipation.

2:29 pm  
Blogger something from me said...

Then Theresa, I will toy with you some more.
There are many more twists and turns.
I like to torture women. In a sweet way, of course

3:14 pm  

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