Friday, June 30, 2006

Waiting for me

January 2003

Dinner with Henry proved to much more enjoyable than I'd expected. The food was very good, and the beer and wine free flowing, so that I drank far more than I should have done.

We were joined by a very colourful colleague, whom I had not met before. He was the Asia Pacific Business Development Director. A large man, who smoked too much, drank too much, swore too much, and if he was to be believed fucked many women. Anyway, he had a number of very interesting stories to tell.

He asked me after a while' 'Shall we go and find a couple of women? I need to fuck someone tonight'

Later he made the observation, 'I think you will be very popular with the local girls'

He and Henry talked about trips they made to Thailand. Men only trips that some of the senior staff took from time to time. 'We have a rule' said Henry, 'we never discuss our trips when we are in the office. What happens when we are away, stays away'

As my new acquaintance got up to leave, he asked 'come on my friend, let me and Henry take you to the Neptune club, the women are very beautiful, we will pay for everything, you will have a very good time'

I declined, of course. Although, had it not been for Maggie, waiting for me in the hotel; my decision may have been rather different. I was a little drunk, and extremely curious.

The large man left in pursuit of pleasure.

And I climbed in a taxi and headed back to The City Garden hotel, where I knew Maggie would be in bed waiting for me.


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