Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Into the night

January 2003

By the time we'd worked our way through the Ikea maze and back onto the street it was quite late, so we had to rush back to the hotel to get ready for our dinner, which was booked for eight.

We didn't dress up to much, but Maggie looked great anyway, in a tight fitting skirt. She was usually quite quick getting ready since she never wore makeup, the time she did take was spent on getting her hair to look how she wanted it. At the time, I didn't particularly like her hairstyle, and I didn't realise that her hair colour wasn't natural.

'You look great babe'

The meal was fairly mediocre. Maggie chose salmon, which proved to be rather fatty. She'd booked this restaurant because it was being promoted by her credit card provider. 'Then we can save money' she'd said.

We walked back to the hotel, through Victoria Park, not saying much. Her phone rang several times, but then cut off as she answered it. 'I think it is broken' she said.

After making love, she asked, 'why do you never want to come, honey?' Although we made love frequently, I always found it difficult to get excited. The same problem I'd experienced on my last visit to Hong Kong.

'Don't worry babe, I am perfectly happy'
'But honey, you give me so much pleasure, I want you to have pleasure too. I am not selfish.'
'Ok babe, maybe you could try to be a bit more gentle'

We kissed, and tried again, but her touch was too rough as always. She came several times, and then I held her, and we talked into the night.


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