Saturday, September 02, 2006


January 2003

It was 11pm by the time we got back to the hotel, and 11.30pm when we climbed into bed. As we did so, I slipped a condom under my pillow. We hadn't used one before.

I have never liked condoms; I don't like the look of them, the smell of them, or the feel of them. Consequently, my experiences when using them have generally been disapponting. Whether this is purely pyschological I couldn't say.

I'd bought a pack before travelling. This variety made great claims about how sensitive they were. It sounded as if they were exactly what I needed, but I was sceptical. It was the first time I'd bought condoms for a very long time. I was surprised by the amount of choice. There was so much on offer, anything from strawberry flavour, to condoms for the larger man, to something that looked like a mountain bike tyre.

Since I had a difficult history with condom, I was worried about using one with Maggie. She was always telling me what a fantastic lover I was, I didn't want to spoil anyting now.

So I had a plan. I decided that I would only put the condom on, at the very last minute. She had let me enter her the previous night without one, so I didn't expect any questions.

Maggie had already come several times, when I started to feel my pleasure increase. I held myself at that point for quite a while, as Maggie came again and again. Finally, I withdrew, as slipped the condom on as quickly as I could. Maggie watched me, 'Oh yes honey' she said.

We came together. 'Oh honey, so wonderful, and you come too. Honey, I love to know you come too. You are the best. You are genious. You are superman. From now on I will call you SS thats Sexy Superman. Oh so incredible. Do you know I come more than ten times? Oh honey you are the superman, its true'

I withdrew again, slipped the condom off, and tied a knot in the end, ready to throw it away. 'Let me see honey' she said, taking the used condom from my hand.

'Wah, look at that, is it protein honey?'
'I don't really know'

She played with it, squeezing the tip between her thumb and forefinger, feeling its warmth. Then she pressed it to her face, smelling it, feeling it. After that, holding the top of the condom, she lowered it onto her breast, allowing the tip to gently carress her nipple. 'So amazing' she said.

I kissed her other breast. She was excited again. She put the condom on the side of the bed, and I moved my head down, until I felt her come again.


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