Friday, September 01, 2006

Kowloon side

January 2003

The next morning, I had difficulty getting Maggie to wake up. We had talked late into the night. So after I had taken a shower, I climbed back into bed, under the covers and woke her with my tongue. 'Oh, such a wonderful alarm clock' she said.

Around 11.00am I received an email:

'Honey, I arrange with sister to meet them for dinner on Kowloon side at 7.00pm. I hope is ok with you?

For a joke, I wrote back; 'Yes that's fine babe, you have a nice time, I will see you back at the hotel'

Her reply 'Honey, of course I will not go to dinner with them on my own when you are here, I mean for you to come with me. We don't have to go, if you have another plan. You know you are my priority. Let me know'

After that I called her and said that of course we should go, and we arranged to meet in Central, where we would walk through to catch the ferry.

The view from the ferry, as it leaves Hong Kong island for the short crossing to Kowloon, is spectacular. And as I stood there, I found myself reflecting on how dramatically my life had changed in the last two months. Here I was, six thousand miles from home, enjoying world famous scenery, with my lover by my side.

After dinner, Maggie pulled a newspaper out of her bag. 'Honey, can we go and look at this?' She asked, pointing to a property development advertisement. 'It's not too far'

Then she added, 'It's not a very good location, but I thought there is no harm to look'

There were three display homes to view, and a model of the overall development. Even the biggest of the three appartments seemed incredibly small. Maggie spent a long time looking around each one, and asked a lot of questions of the sales people that were following us.

It was nearly two hours later, as we left, that Maggie said, 'nice houses huh honey?'


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