Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Meeting the family

January 2003

On Monday, after work, we were to have dinner with all of Maggie's family, as a celebration and as Maggie's chance to introduce me to each of them. I wasn't looking forward to it, at all. I was particularly worried about meeting her sister, who I thought might see through my disguise.

Maggie said that morning, as I walked her to the metro, 'you will have to pay honey, to give me face'

As it happened, I was happy to pay, but I felt a little annoyed that she had asked.

We were the last to arrive. I shook hands with each of them, ten people in all. Then they all spent a few minutes to admire the ring. 'It's very beautiful' said Maggie's sister.

They'd already ordered food, and soon everyone was eating and talking in Cantonese, so that I felt fairly isolated. Ocassionally, one of them would stop to ask me a question.

Then Maggie's sister asked 'do you really love my sister? Are you serious to her?'
'I wouldn't get engaged, if I wasn't'
Then Maggie spoke to her at length in Cantonese, 'honey', she said 'I told sister, we love each other very much, and we will get married at easter time'

As we made love that night, I felt more excitement, and was able to become sufficiently aroused to enter her. She came many times. 'Oh honey, you are the best' she said. I didn't come, but I knew that the sexual difficulties I'd had with Maggie to date, were over.

As I climbed off of Maggie, I noticed a large pool of sweat all over her stomach. I gentle wiped it off, and kissed her. 'Is that enough, honey?' she asked, and then moved down to take me into her mouth.


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I wonder if this was the first time with this disguise.

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