Sunday, September 03, 2006

A plan

January 2003

We used a condom again that night, and again Maggie went through the same ceremony with it when we'd finished.

'What happened to the one from last night' I asked. I'd forgotten to dispose of it in the morning.
'I kept it' she informed me
'You did?' I was more than a little suprised. 'Are you going to keep that one too?'
'Yes' she said

It was our last night again, and we had no idea, when we would see each other again. Despite that though, I did not feel the same degree of sadness, that I felt last time I left Hong Kong. I couldn't say why that was. I didn't want to leave her, but I knew I would do so this time without tears.

The next morning, I agreed a late checkout with the hotel, and walked Maggie to the Metro as always. We agreed to meet back at the hotel.

We met early, I checked out, leaving my luggage with hotel security, and we walked towards Wan Chai to have noodles. We didn't talk much, until Maggie interupted the silence by asking, 'honey, would you like me to come to London for Chinese New Year?'

Without thinking I said 'yeah that would be fantastic, when is Chinese New Year?'
'End of January, I think, let me ask my mother'. And with that she smiled, 'so happy now, I know when I can see you again'

We ate our noodles, collected our luggage, and caught a taxi to Maggie's house. On arrival, Maggie and her mother were immediately in discussion, for what seemed like an age.

'I just told my mother our plan, I will meet you in London for Chinese New Year'
'What did she say?'
'She is very happy too. Now I can feel more secure'


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