Friday, October 27, 2006

Only a monster

January 2003

It was now nearing the end of January, and in a few days I would be flying to Hong Kong again to spend eight nights with Maggie. I sent her a text, ‘we will be together soon’

Her email the next day said ‘Honey, so happy we will be together soon, I cannot wait, am counting the days until I see your sweet sexy face’

And then she went on to say, ‘Honey, I ask the friend who works in the hotel, how much for the wedding dinner. She wanted to know how many guests. We don’t need many guests right? What do you think? I don’t need to invite too many friends. Otherwise I think will be very expensive’

I wrote back, ‘Babe, you decide, don’t worry too much about money. Please don’t book anything yet though, I still haven’t agreed my holiday yet’

I’d decided at the moment to use my holiday as my excuse to delay her plans. It was rather weak, I knew, but I hadn’t come up with anything else. And if I did suddenly get inspiration, I would tell that my leave was approved but ………

If I could only get her agreement not to do anything more until after this trip. That should be sufficient delay since as always, I expected this trip to be my last. I had no concept how I was going to end this thing, and as each day went by I was allowing myself to be drawn further into it. But I had to do something soon, I had to do it before she started booking hotels and inviting people to a wedding that could never happen.

Only a monster would let her do that.


Blogger Anali said...

Well, it is almost Halloween. Is this supposed to be a hint?

5:57 pm  
Blogger something from me said...

Do you think I play games like that my babe?
I hope I don't meet any dragons.

11:24 am  

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