Thursday, October 26, 2006

I don't need holiday

January 2003

‘Ok babe, I agree, if you are sure. Only don’t say anything to your mother yet. I will be there soon, we can talk about it more when we are face to face. Ok?’
‘So I will talk to hotels about our wedding dinner, see what deals we can get’
‘And when do you think we will get married?’
‘Around Easter time, as we said before’

So I had until Easter to let her down. I didn’t know how I was going to do it. How could I just break up without giving her a reason?

‘Do you really think we can arrange a wedding by Easter?’
‘Why not honey? Be honest honey, is it too much rush for you? You know I am the rush person. When decision has been made, I just want to do it as soon as possible. I cannot wait’
‘No it is not too soon, just seems like a lot of work for you. And I need to be sure I can get the time off work’
‘Honey, I don’t believe you cannot get holiday, you tell me you get five weeks holiday, so where is the problem?’
‘Babe, I told you before, my work cycle is monthly, and some weeks I just cannot take leave, I always have deadlines to meet’

‘Well honey, you don’t need to take much leave, only couple of days, then you can go back to work. Wedding only takes a day right?
‘Then we wouldn’t have a honeymoon. I wouldn’t be happy with that, I will want some time alone with you after we are married’
‘But honey, we can have holiday anytime, and maybe will be cheaper if not the peak season, honeymoon is nice, but not important right, wedding is much important. I don’t need holiday, I just need you’


Blogger Mr. Grudge said...

I like the way you write. You let the dialogue (your characters) tell the story. The ending is appropriate, and nice. Good job.

4:17 pm  
Blogger Mike Perry said...

Well, there's a story!

12:01 pm  
Blogger something from me said...

Thanks for the compliment Mr grudge, I will take the time to have a look at your blog as soon as I can.
Same to you Mike. It is quite a story, and there is a lot more to tell. If only there were more hours in the day, i could get to the end a little quicker.
I hope you both drop by again soon.

12:17 pm  

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