Thursday, November 02, 2006

Dance floor

October 2006

For the next half hour, I sat on my bed nursing a sense of loss. I wanted to go down and knock on her door. I could have been with her, I know I could. And yet I’d allowed a mix of nervousness and self doubt, prevent it.

Eventually, I picked myself up though. It had after all been more successful than not. After several weeks of emptiness, I’d spent an enjoyable day with a sexy woman, who had obviously really liked me.

And there was more to come.

That night I drank a few glasses of whiskey, and fought off the sleepiness it induced, and headed back to the night club, I was a regular by now.

The evening passed as normal, a few looks from different girls, with me stood looking on. I don’t enjoy Saturday night as much as Friday, as the music is less to my taste, so I don’t dance as much.

Anyway, one girl in particular kept looking at me, so eventually I was courageous enough to hazard a smile, she smiled right back, so I winked, she beckoned me to join her on the dance floor.

I didn’t much want to dance with her, as I am conscious that I am not much good. I didn’t see it as a much of a start, so I held my ground. She continued to encourage, I continued to ignore. For a while she moved away a little, and I took the opportunity to head for the toilet.

On my return, she was gone, or at least she wasn’t dancing anymore. I looked around, but could see no sign of her. So I turned to leave, only to discover that she was stood behind me. With that she took my hand and led me to the dance floor.

We danced for a while, tried to talk for a while, she was from Ukraine, and spoke tolerable English. Then we left the club, walked to the hotel, from where I drove her home. She gave me her phone number and said goodnight.


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