Thursday, November 02, 2006

Are you Russian?

October 2006

And then yesterday, it all changed. How? Well………..

There is a girl I have noticed every breakfast time. She has dyed red hair. Here small breasts are always clearly visible through her white t-shirt. She isn’t pretty, but she is very sexy.

On Friday, as I stepped out of the lift on the ground floor, the red head stepped in. ‘Hi’ I said. Her reply ‘mmmmmm…. Hello’

She was on my mind for the rest of the day.

That evening (being a Friday night), I went to the nearby night club, I hoped she might be there, but alas not. I got the usual number of looks, but I did nothing with them. I stood my ground, glued to the spot. One girl, an Asian, I have seen there many times, I think she watches me. She looks like sex. How do I talk to sex?

I left late, so I only had a couple of hours before breakfast, my best hope of meeting the red head. I struggled out of bed, showered, and sat in the restaurant for an hour and a half, she didn’t show. I cursed myself for not acting when I’d had the chance.

After breakfast I headed for the beach, it was as good an option as any, at least if all else failed I might catch up a little sleep. My luck was in though, she was there. I sat nearby, she seemed asleep, I read my book. When she awoke, I took a swim. I could work out whether she recognized me or not.

The weather took a turn for the worse, and people began to leave. She put on her short dress. I packed up quickly, and caught up with her by the hotel pool. ‘Are you enjoying your holiday?’ I asked. She smiled and shrugged her shoulders. Shit. She didn’t speak English. ‘Are you Russian?’ I asked. ‘Yes’ she said.

In the lift, with a lot of hand gestures, pointing and a few words of English, I managed to invite her for coffee, in the Starbucks nearby. She accepted, and we met a few minutes later in reception.


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