Monday, November 13, 2006

Holiday mood

January 2003

Then we started to have some fun. We were in holiday mood, and since she was working late and her office was all but empty, she was able to leave her private email on.

I wrote back; ‘Babe, don’t worry if you have to work late tomorrow, I will come to the office and help you out’

Ok honey, I will just tell my boss. You can be paid in kisses. But maybe you will be more efficiency than me, and I will lose my job

Have you told your boss he needs to kiss me?’

Honey, I don’t think he will mind, as long as he gets the work done. But I may be jealous if you like his kisses more than mine

But tell me babe, will he want to use tongues? Oh and does he have the facial hour? You know I don’t like the moustache too much’

Ha Ha Honey, must be with tongues, but my boss has the bad breath. Oh and he does have any hair at all, even on the top of his head’

Oh he is just my type. Maybe we shouldn’t talk about this any more. I am getting so hard that my desk is raised from the floor’

Well honey, you know you are always so strong, and I feel exciting too, when I think about that. I will see tomorrow, I can’t wait for those passionate times

But babe, this time I am harder than normal’

Wah, even harder than normal honey? I don’t believe. But you are already the superman. That what I call you, you know that? You are my sexy smart superman’

Babe, only one more night then we will be together’

Honey, on second thoughts, you better not come to the office, I want you to save all your kisses for me. Am I selfish? I am leaving now, speak later’


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