Friday, November 10, 2006

Too much TV

January 2003

I wasn’t going to let it drop. I wanted to find out. And it wasn’t a matter of trust. I had no reason to doubt her. I just wanted to know why she’d mentioned these men. I just had a feeling that all was not quite as it seemed.

I wrote; ‘Babe, I always trust you. Please do not say otherwise. Do I ever say that I do not trust you?

The point is that you mentioned these admirers, and so I want to know why you mention them. Once you tell me, then as you say, case closed’

It was Friday morning, I had just driven for more than three hours, to get to the office, England was suffering from very severe weather. A report on the radio said that most flights out of Heathrow would have to be cancelled. Shit. My flight was at 9.30pm that day. I couldn’t bear to think about it.

My inbox that morning had the answer:

Honey, as I said, the guys do not both me anymore, has been very peaceful for long time. I only say about admirers to make you jealous, silly thinking, I just thought maybe you will marry me quicker, like some of the movies, I think I watch too much TV. Do I?

I didn’t answer. But now I was in a happy mood, so I wrote:

Hey babe, we will be together tomorrow, looking forward to holding you in my arms’

I didn’t mention the possible delays. I decided to wait until later that day, hoping the news might improve.

I got a reply straight back, which was unusual; ‘me too honey, can’t wait. Very busy today, boss wants me to work tomorrow, I said ok, but must finish by 5pm to meet you up’


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