Thursday, November 16, 2006


February 2003

By the end of the flight I was enjoying a comfortable conversation with the young Asian girl next to me. She was from Hong Kong, but studying at one of London’s universities. She was flying home now to spend the New Year with her family, and as coincidence would have it, she was returning to UK on the same flight as me.

On landing, I called Maggie, and after collecting my luggage as passing through immigration, I walked over to the airport express. The attractive Asian lady was struggling to get her luggage on board, so I said ‘let me’

‘Oh thank you so much sir’ she said, and with that we started talking. I told her I lived in Hong Kong and was returning after a couple of weeks on business in the UK. ‘Where do you live? She asked, ‘Robinson Road’ I said with confidence.

We joined the taxi queue together, and said our goodbye’s as our cars pulled up. I was tempted to ask for a date, but how would I explain the absence to Maggie, especially as I was not on a business trip this time.

It was after 10pm by the time I knocked on Maggie’s door. The dogs barked. I put my bags down, and picked Maggie up. We hugged and kissed, her mother made a face and hurried into the kitchen. Soon after she brought me out a plate of hot food. It was delicious, I was so hungry.

‘Honey, I have a gift for you’
‘Oh wow, thanks babe’

Maggie disappeared into her bedroom, and came out with a large bag. ‘It is the winter jacket’ she informed me. I pulled it out of the bag and unfolded it. It was truly ghastly. And it was a real problem; what was I going to do with it?

I tried it on, ‘thanks babe, it’s great, just what I need when I’m in London’


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