Thursday, November 23, 2006

We hadn’t missed a night

February 2003

Maggie’s phone rang. It was her sister; it seems there was some mix up at the airport. Her boyfriend had been taken away by an immigration official more than an hour earlier, so far he had not returned. They were due to join us at Maggie’s house for dinner. It was news to me. I thought; hopefully they won’t make it. They didn’t. By the time the got out the airport, it was too late. They went straight to their hotel.

It was only a temporary reprieve; I would have to meet him tomorrow.

We ate dinner alone, and then returned to the hotel, getting out the bus at Causeway Bay, and walking through Victoria Park. It was a pleasant evening, we played around in the park for a while, on the swings and climbing frame like children.

After, as we walked through North Point, she asked, ‘honey, do we need to use a condom?’ Since she’d just finished her period, when I arrived, we’d decided it wasn’t necessary. I was very relaxed about contraception with Maggie. ‘Not yet babe, we only need a condom in the middle of your monthly cycle’

‘Are you sure honey?’
‘Don’t worry babe, I will tell you when we need one’

Then after a few minutes, I asked ‘what happened to the condoms we used before, remember, the ones you kept?’
‘Oh I threw them away’ she said, ‘when they started to smell’
‘How long did you keep them?’
‘Oh, I think maybe a couple of weeks. I kept them in my room, but I didn’t want my mother to find them. It would be embarrassing, don’t you think?’
I was surprised she’d kept them at all.

As we neared the hotel, I was feeling pretty happy. Her mentioning condoms meant she was thinking about making love again, so far in our relationship, we hadn’t missed a night.


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