Monday, November 20, 2006

Colourful glass

February 2003

The nest day, Monday, we got up late again. ‘Shall we go somewhere for sight seeing, honey? Let me think honey, we could get a ferry to one of the islands, you never been there right?’

‘Ok babe, good idea’ I was keen to do something, otherwise the day would slip away from us again and the following day Maggie had to work.

We caught a bus to the ferry terminals, ‘much cheaper than taxi’. As we walked toward the ferries, her phone rang, after a minute she asked, ‘sister wants to know if we want to meet them in Shenzhen. Shall I say no?’

‘Why don’t you arrange for another day?’

By the time we got to the island, we were both thinking about eating. In a few minutes we were sat on what looked like an old school bench, eating something I can only describe as very thick soup. ‘It’s not that good, honey, but at least you try right?’

There was a small beach we could walk along, and a few houses and shops, otherwise there was very little to do. As we passed the houses we could here a rattling noise. ‘It mahjong honey, I will teach you later, as we play this at the New Year. I like it very much’

We exhausted the island fairly quickly. The beach was pretty though, covered in small pieces of colourful broken glass. I picked some up, ‘careful honey’. The sea had worn away its edges. I gave Maggie a handful. She wrapped them in tissue which she put in her bag.

‘Shall we hire one of those cycles? I asked. They could carry up to four people. ‘No honey, we don’t need to waste money on this’ she said, ‘there isn’t anywhere we can go’

I offered dinner. ‘Not necessary honey’ I will ask my mother to cook for us, ‘let me call her when we are back on the ferry’

We headed back.


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