Wednesday, November 22, 2006


February 2003

I arrived at Maggie’s house at 3pm. Her mother made me tea. I thanked her. We smiled at each other for what seemed like a long while, then she left me sat on the sofa.

She came back some time later, ready to go out. She called Maggie, and after speaking for a minute or two she handed me the phone, ‘my mother wants to go shopping now, but didn’t know how to tell you’

We walked down to the market, and wandered around the fruit and vegetable stalls, buying a few things here and there. At each one, some question was asked about me. I didn’t know what at the time, I just smiled, shook a few hands, and remembered to make sure that I picked up all the shopping.
Then we went into a supermarket and spent an age walking through the small aisles. Supermarkets in Hong Kong are so much smaller than their UK counterparts. Eventually we had a basket full; I couldn’t recognize most of the items in it though. We paid, left and caught a taxi back. I held her arm up the steps; it was not easy with my hands full of shopping bags. I drank some more tea, and then as arranged walked back down into Central to meet Maggie.

It took some time to find her office, but despite that I was still earlier. I stood outside and watched the girls go by. I must have been lost in thought because I didn’t notice Maggie walking towards me; ‘what are you looking at? Something interest you honey?’

I felt a mild discomfort and looked away. Did she realize I was watching girls? How could she? Surely she couldn’t see where my eyes were directed? I didn’t know.

‘Just daydreaming’ I said. And we walked back.


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