Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Flower arranging

February 2003

The next day Maggie went to work. I took the taxi with her, and then talk a slow walk back toward North Point, where I would meet Henry for lunch.

After that, Maggie had arranged for me to go back to her house, to go shopping with her mother. I was dreading it, what had she been thinking, her mother and I could not talk to each other beyond saying hello, good bye and thank you.

I kept wondering why Maggie had decided to make such an arrangement. She must have realized how difficult it would be for both of us.

It was a very warm day, and as always Hong Kong was busy, I decided to take a good look around, to kill some time. Hopefully that would include seeing a few pretty girls along the way. I also wanted to wander through Wan Chai, so seedy at night, I was curious to see how it looked by day.

As I passed through Central though, the streets became much quieter, the shops were shut and the girls were avoiding the sun. Wan Chai was almost unrecognizable, and before long I found myself in Causeway Bay with a couple of hours left before lunch.

I bought a drink, and then had an idea. I decided to arrange delivery of some flowers to Maggie’s office for Valentines Day, much easier to do here than when I got back home. And I knew she would want them sent to the office where all her colleagues could look and wonder. Had she told them about me? But where would I find a florist?

I wandered around for an age, and was close to giving up, when I found myself at the entrance to a department store. Surely they would have something. And they did.

The price was similar to the UK, and I managed to get to Valentines Day cards as well.

And now it was time to go and meet Henry.


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