Friday, November 24, 2006

That's not love

February 2003

And that night was no different to any other.

Then as we lay awake, half watching the television, she told me about another ex boyfriend. This one was Chinese. ‘So crazy’ she said that she’d had to break up with him. But that wasn’t the end. He took to waiting outside her house and following her wherever she went, calling her all hours of the day, and coming into her office.

‘He was very jealous, you know? Always asking where did you go? Who did you see? Always thinking I am being unfaithful. But you know that is not my style. I never will be unfaithful’.

She became scared, she said, never knowing what he might do next, until one night, when she noticed he was following the taxi she was traveling in, she asked the taxi driver to go to the police station, where she made a complaint. The ex boyfriend was warned off.

‘Did that stop him?’
‘No. He still called me, at my house, but that was all. Crazy huh?’
‘That’s horrible. I don’t think I would ever do anything like that’
‘But you know honey, maybe this is the true love’
‘Babe, that is definitely not love’

Her face changed; she looked upset. Then she said, ‘you know, all the men are jealous of the women, they don’t like the other guys to look at their wives or girlfriend, its logical right?’
‘No I don’t think it is. Why should I mind if someone looks at you?’
‘Well to be honest, I like the guy to be jealous. I think if he cares he must be jealous; want to keep the woman for himself only’
‘Ok babe, but I am not really the jealous type’

She was quiet for a while. I held her, but she did not reciprocate. I sensed her unhappiness, though I said nothing. She picked up the remote control and turned off the television. ‘Tired honey, hold me to sleep’


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