Wednesday, April 04, 2007


February 2003

We needed to cross the road, which proved to be a difficult feat. The traffic was relentless, and only those who were prepared to sprint were quick enough to take advantage of the occasional gaps.

Also the road was very wide, two lanes each way, and had a number of smaller roads feeding into it. With lorries, buses, vans and bicycles everywhere, you needed to keep you wits about you. ‘Careful of your pockets’ warned Maggie.

A large group of youths passed us, staring unpleasantly as they did so. ‘Look at these men’ said Maggie, ‘so dirty. You see now honey how dirty are the mainland China people’. And then, ‘honey, I think they are talking about us, I can’t quite understand their accent, but they definitely said about the westerner man’
‘Don’t worry babe. You know perhaps they don’t like to see a beautiful Asian girl with the western man’
‘You think so, honey?’ I could tell he was pleased with that, and she soon started to relax again, as we passed them by.

We looked into the window of the first bar we came to, it was large but very full, and I didn’t want to stand. Then we saw a small doorway, with a neon sign above. Inside was a flight of stairs, we climbed up to find a small bar, populated by what seemed at first glance to be a small group of women. The all turned their heads as we entered and looked me up and down, smiling. I pretended not to notice, although I couldn’t help feeling a tinge of excitement, their stares were overtly sexual. We took a seat near a small window.

I ordered a beer for myself, and a diet coke for Maggie. One of the women carried the drinks over to our table, along with a dish of locally produced peanuts. ‘Don’t eat them, honey’ Maggie said. ‘so dirty’

I ignored her, and put a handful into my mouth. We both looked up at the woman, as I paid for the drinks.


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