Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Elvis Presley

February 2003

The food on the boat was rather poor, and the drinks were a choice of very sweet coffee or lemonade. However, the trip up the river was pleasant enough, and lasted around an hour and a half. We found seats and looked at the view.

This was our last night together. Tomorrow we had the journey back to Hong Kong, and that night I would be flying back to the UK. We sat quietly, I had nothing much to say, Maggie rested her head on my shoulder. ‘I love you’ she said.

A couple of hours later, we were back at the hotel. We didn’t go out again. After making love, we watched TV, surprisingly there was an English speaking channel showing a documentary about Elvis Presley. Maggie didn’t know who he was, ‘is this a popular guy?’ she asked.

Eventually, once I could feel that Maggie had fallen asleep, I switched of the TV, and lay there thinking, ‘would this be the last night I spent with Maggie?’

The next day, after breakfast we were taken to a herbal and health remedy shop. Maggie bought some patches to wear on her shoulder.

‘You didn’t tell me you have a problem with your shoulder’ I said
‘No. You know I am so happy with you, just never remember that problem’

The shop was full of all manner of remedies and potions. I picked up what looked like a large sausage.

‘Honey, let me see what this is’ The packaging didn’t have any English translation.

‘This is the reindeer, you know what that is?’
‘Reindeer? Yes. That’s what father Christmas uses to pull his sleigh.
‘Honey, this is the reindeer penis’
‘Oh. Well it’s quite big. Bigger than mine’
‘Oh honey, yours it big enough’
I smiled. A good answer. ‘What is it for?’
‘I don’t know,
‘Doesn’t it say?
‘Yes, but I do not know what it means’


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