Monday, April 30, 2007

I am exciting

February 2003

That afternoon we stopped at what I think was some kind of farm. We were led into a large tent full of tables, chairs and a bar.

‘The guide says we are going to try the pigeon’
‘I’ve never eaten pigeon’
‘I think you will like it’
I thought so too. We bought a beer. We were given polythene gloves and one pigeon each. Mine seemed rather slim, which I took to be a good sign.

After that we were free to wander around the grounds. There were a number of activities. I chose to do the archery, Maggie just wanted to watch; to save money she said.

The bow was old, and the arrows had a slight curve. I missed the target with my first, and let the bow graze my arm; it hurt, some blood came to the surface.

‘Hurt your arm honey? Better stop’
‘Its ok babe’

I was handed an arm protector, but still managed to hit the area again. This time it really hurt. I hit the target this time.

‘I thought you have done this before honey’
I had. I wanted to blame the bow, but instead said, ‘a long time ago’

With a very bruised arm we walked on. Later, back on the coach, we were told that we had a two hour journey to Guandong, where we were due to stay that night. Maggie was soon asleep in my arms.

However, after an hour we pulled into the car park of a large factory. Yet another opportunity to buy souvenirs. Maggie and I stayed on the coach; we kissed for a while and then she slipped her hand into my trousers. ‘Honey, I am exciting’.

We got out of the coach, walked out of the factory and up the road. Many people passed us on their bikes; coming home from work I thought. They all looked at us. Everyone looked at us.

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