Wednesday, May 09, 2007

So ugly guy

February 2003

After that, we went to a shopping mall. Maggie and I spent our time in an amusement arcade, playing air football. Then at Maggie’s request we both had our pictures taken in a photo booth. The pictures could be edited to add a choice of wording. Maggie chose ‘True Love’. The picture of me was awful, but it still got pride of place in Maggie’s purse, displacing the picture of her dogs.

After that we went for coffee. ‘Which one shall we choose, honey?’ I didn’t know, so I chose the first one I saw, it was Arabic. It was served with great ceremony. ‘I believe Arabic is the best coffee, is that right honey?’

This was the final stop, next it was a long journey back to Shenzhen, where our trip finished, leaving us to find our way back to Hong Kong, repeating the journey we’d made a few days earlier.

We didn’t talk much. I thought Maggie might be in bad mood, but I decided not to ask.

It took an age to get through the immigration at Shenzhen. The crowds were incredible. Maggie and I were separated for more than an hour.

Back in Hong Kong, we caught a taxi to Maggie’s house, where we had dinner, and watched TV in near silence. The movie ‘Ghosts’ was on in Cantonese subtitles. Seeing Patrick Swayze, Maggie said ‘look at that guy, so ugly, why is he the movie star?’

A few minutes later, her mother came into the room, and repeated the question in Cantonese.

Maggie seemed tired. ‘I think I still have the cold’ she said.

An hour later, I collected my belongings. I told Maggie not to come down to the taxi with me, but she insisted. At the taxi stand, outside her apartment building she said ‘you better go, honey’

With tears in my eyes, I said ‘are you trying to be rid of me?’


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