Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Into the night

January 2003

By the time we'd worked our way through the Ikea maze and back onto the street it was quite late, so we had to rush back to the hotel to get ready for our dinner, which was booked for eight.

We didn't dress up to much, but Maggie looked great anyway, in a tight fitting skirt. She was usually quite quick getting ready since she never wore makeup, the time she did take was spent on getting her hair to look how she wanted it. At the time, I didn't particularly like her hairstyle, and I didn't realise that her hair colour wasn't natural.

'You look great babe'

The meal was fairly mediocre. Maggie chose salmon, which proved to be rather fatty. She'd booked this restaurant because it was being promoted by her credit card provider. 'Then we can save money' she'd said.

We walked back to the hotel, through Victoria Park, not saying much. Her phone rang several times, but then cut off as she answered it. 'I think it is broken' she said.

After making love, she asked, 'why do you never want to come, honey?' Although we made love frequently, I always found it difficult to get excited. The same problem I'd experienced on my last visit to Hong Kong.

'Don't worry babe, I am perfectly happy'
'But honey, you give me so much pleasure, I want you to have pleasure too. I am not selfish.'
'Ok babe, maybe you could try to be a bit more gentle'

We kissed, and tried again, but her touch was too rough as always. She came several times, and then I held her, and we talked into the night.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


January 2003

'What did your mother say?'
'She's very happy.......... Honey, you know you make everyone very happy today. You show your sincerity to me. Now everyone will see that you are a serious guy, not just playing the games with me. Wait 'til I tell sister, she will be surprising'
'Happy birthday, babe'

We were just outside Starbucks, the first I had seen in Hong Kong. 'Let's get a coffee' I said.

She agreed. But then, as she took a seat inside, she said 'oh nothing for me honey, you have what you want'
'You must have something'
'Do I?'
'Yes, you must'

In the end, she agreed to have a small latte. 'I just want to save the money for you' she said, as explanation.
'It's just a coffee, babe'

'Did you know honey, there is Ikea in Causeway Bay? Shall we take a look?'
I didn't know, of course, but I agreed.

The shop didn't look so big on the outside, unlike the warehouses they have built across the UK, but once inside, it was a different story, the basement was huge. We spent the next two hours on our feet, only resting to test the comfort of the sofas and beds. 'I want to see your ideas, honey' she said.

I stopped for a while to look at the pictures. 'Oh honey' she said, 'I remember you tell me you like to look at the pictures, looking is fine, but we will not waste the money on these useless things, ok?'

Friday, July 14, 2006


January 2003

We spent a good couple of hours sat in the shop, being served by a very attentive man in his early thirties. I noticed that all the male sales staff were very friendly, saying 'hello' and 'how are you?'. The female staff, however, seemed quite the opposite, although they were all watching Maggie rather intently.

One girl in particular annoyed Maggie, 'look at that bad attitude sales girl' she said, 'always giving me the long face'

Eventually Maggie narrowed the choice down to two. By now, it seemed that we had been in the shop for hours, the staff kept bringing us fresh cups of green tea, and I desperately needed the toilet.

'Which one do you like best, honey?'

I calculated the price in my head, it was much more than I'd anticipated, even at the current generous exchange rate. 'Shit' I thought, 'how can I hide a sum like that?'

I said 'they are both beautiful, babe' hoping she would choose the slightly cheaper one.

I paid by credit card; thinking that that way the transaction would be less visible. The sales guy shook my hand. 'Congratulations' he said, as he handed me the box. Maggie stood at my side, expectantly. I kissed her, 'happy birthday, babe'

Then turning to the sales guy, I asked, 'could I use your toilet?'

Maggie was looking rather surprised, 'Honey..............?' she said
'Just teasing, babe'

Opening the box, I took her hand, and slipped the ring onto her finger. She wiped a single tear from her eye. 'I am so happy' she said, 'let me call my mother'.

Monday, July 10, 2006


January 2003

I awoke, after only a couple of hours sleep, with the most awful headache, and immediately started to search the hotel room for some painkillers. I found nothing, but succeeded in waking Maggie in the process.

'I know how to deal with the headache' she told me, and tipping the contents of a small bag onto the bed, she found a small jar of something resembling vasoline.

Then sitting astride me, she massaged the cream onto my temples. I am not sure whether it was the smell of the ointment, or the gentle massage, but the throbbing reduced almost at once.

'That's incredible' I said
'Anything for my loved one'

She then found a small packet containing a white powder, which she poured onto my tongue. It tasting disgusting. I washed it away, as soon as I could with some bottled water.

I thanked her with a kiss, and held her, as we drifted back to sleep. 'Happy birthday, babe' I whispered.

We slept until midday, by now, my headache was completely gone, thanks to Maggie's remedies, so I was keen to get up, and start the day. 'No rush honey' she said, and then drifted in and out of sleep for the next couple of hours.

We ate lunch in one of the numerous restaurants opposite the hotel, and then walked into Causeway Bay. 'I know the best shops' she told me.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

My apology

January 2003

Both laughing, we exchanged notes. We were both of the same mind, as I knew we would be.

She leant towards me, and gave me a big kiss. 'I am so happy' she said, 'time to make love now'.

It wasn't until nearly 2am that we settled down for the night. And after just a few minutes, I felt her sinking gently into sleep. Maybe, it was the drink, maybe the jet lag, but I could not relax. Instead I just lie there, thinking, as the hours slipped by.

Later that day, I would be giving Maggie a gift, a very expensive gift, that would demonstrate a commitment I had no right to make. I'd now made two trips to Hong Kong to see her, it didn't seem possible that I could make a third. so in all probability the relationship would have to end on my return to the UK. What else could I do? I couldn't see how it could go any further.

So why had I agreed on such an expensive gift? When I thought about it, I realised it could only hurt her more. How would she suffer when the truth finally became apparent?

This gift was not a commitment, it was not the promise of a long and happy future. For two months now, I had been misleading this woman, who slept so easily in my arms. So many lies, so many false promises, so much deception.

As I lay in that hotel bed, unable to sleep, six thousand miles from home, I told myself that this gift could only be one thing. At that moment it became my apology.