Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Never can be divorcing

February 2003

‘It’s ok to ask’ I said, ‘but don’t book anything before you have spoken to me’ I wanted to slow things down a bit.
‘Nothing wrong, honey?’
‘No. I just need to check that I can get the time off work. I don’t want any problems’

The following evening; ‘Honey, Peninsular hotel will be expensive. But I was thinking, you know the price is based on number of people, and I don’t have too many friends, so we could have a small dinner, to save money. Mmmm ……….. but then we will not get so many gifts. Let me think’

‘Babe, you know I still don’t know when I can move to Hong Kong’
‘So nothing is perfect; what do you think?’
‘About what?’
‘When you can be here’
‘I don’t know. There are a lot of problems here, and they are taking priority’
‘So, what shall I tell my mother?’
‘What have you told her already?’
‘Nothing. She just knows that we will marry when you come to Hong Kong. She just always asking when that will be’
‘I will ask someone’ I tell her

‘Is it too much pressure, honey?’
‘No of course not babe, I just wish I could give you more definite news’

She was quiet for a while, and then said ‘I want to go to Caribbean for the honeymoon, is that ok honey?’
‘Of course, I haven’t been before’

‘Honey, I want to ask you; ‘anything on your mind?’’
‘No, I don’t think so’
‘You still want to get married, right?’
‘Of course, I just don’t want to set a date, until I am sure that I can meet it. I don’t want to disappoint you’
‘Is there any reason, why you can’t marry me now? You have to tell me’
‘Like what?’
‘Nothing. You know, when we are married, never can be divorcing. No-one ever divorcing in my family. You have to promise me honey. Can you do that?’

I couldn't, but I did.


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