Tuesday, June 05, 2007

What does it mean?

February 2003

Nothing much was said on the subject again, to my surprise it just seemed to disappear. I’d expected Maggie to raise it again, but she didn’t. It was as if it had never been said.

Our conversation however, over the next few days was fairly happy, with a lot of ‘Honey, I love you’, ‘Honey, you are the superman’, and ‘I can’t live without you’. So I was happy too. And we started to laugh again. ‘You know honey, all the problem is caused because we are aparting’ she said.

Then, one night as we talked about nothing in particular, she suddenly asked ‘what shall we do for the wedding dinner? You know by our tradition, we must have the dinner for friends and family’
‘Actually it is the same in UK. It is called a reception’
‘I have the friend who works in the Peninsular hotel. I can ask her the cost, but must be expensive’
That drew me in. ‘Don’t worry about cost’
‘Honey, I know you are not money minded to me. That is good. Means you care about me. But you know I want to save the money for you. This is my job’

‘So you think you want to marry in Hong Kong now? I asked. ‘Before, when we spoke, you didn’t seem sure’
‘I just don’t want too much delay. Seems UK will take a long time. I will think what to do. You know I want my family to know we are serious. Not just playing the game.’
‘I thought that is why we got engaged, doesn’t that show we are serious?’
‘Engagement? What is that? To the Hong Kong person engagement is nothing. What does it mean? Do I have your name? Only when we register, then I am secure’


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